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Table 1 Mammalian heme peroxidase features and functions (adapted from Clark 2000 and O'Brien 2000).

From: The phylogeny of the mammalian heme peroxidases and the evolution of their diverse functions

Superfamily (EC no.) Chromosomal Location (Human) Tissue Expression Biological Function
MPO ( 17 Neutrophils, mono-nuclear phagocytes Microbicidal activity
EPO ( 17 Eosinophils Microbicidal activity
LPO ( 17 Milk, saliva, tears and other secretions Bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity
TPO ( 2 Thyroid cell surface and cytoplasm Thyroid hormone biosynthesis
  1. MPO = Myeloperoxidase; EPO = Eosinophil peroxidase; LPO = Lactoperoxidase; TPO = Thyroid peroxidase.