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Table 1 Maculinea species used in this study, lineages detected in CR1 clade, and GenBank accession numbers of isolated clones.

From: CR1 clade of non-LTR retrotransposons from Maculinea butterflies (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae): evidence for recent horizontal transmission

genus species lineage No. of clones with RT Accession numbers
Maculinea teleius   15  
   lineage A 7 [GenBank:DQ823008],
   lineage B 6 [GenBank:DQ823029];
   lineage C 2 [GenBank:DQ836363];
Maculinea nausithous   13 (+1)*  
   lineage A 8 [GenBank:DQ823012],
   lineage B 3 [GenBank:DQ823031];
   lineage C 2 [GenBank:DQ836365];
Maculinea alcon   10 (+1)*  
   lineage A 8 [GenBank:DQ823012];
   lineage B 2 [GenBank:DQ823033];
Maculinea arion   9  
   lineage A 6 [GenBank:DQ994657],
   lineage B 3 [GenBank:DQ994663],
  1. * single clones appeared to be R1 elements