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Table 5 Locality, origin, sample type and GenBank accession number of analysed individuals for genetic studies.

From: Unexpected species diversity of Malagasy primates (Lepilemur spp.) in the same biogeographical zone: a morphological and molecular approach with the description of two new species

Species Locality Abbreviation Origin Sample type D-loop Cyt B ND4
L. ruficaudatus Kirindy kir1 west DNA EF686766 EF686723 EF686680
L. ruficaudatus Kirindy kir2 west DNA EF686767 EF686724 EF686681
L. ruficaudatus Kirindy   west sequence   DQ109013–DQ109015, DQ109017 AF224596
L. randrianasoli    west sequence   AY321456  
L. randrianasoli Andramasay   west sequence   AY441463, DQ109019, DQ234891–DQ234894  
L. randrianasoli Ambalarano   west sequence   DQ234890  
L. aeeclis Madirovalo madi1 IRS 0 tissue EF686768 EF686725 EF686682
L. aeeclis Madirovalo madi2 IRS 0 tissue EF686769 EF686726 EF686683
L. aeeclis Anjamena   IRS 0 sequence    AF224593
L. aeeclis Antafia-Anjahamena   IRS 0 sequence   DQ108999–DQ109003, DQ234899  
L. edwardsi Ampijoroa jbb1 IRS I tissue EF686756 EF686713 EF686670
L. edwardsi Ampijoroa jbb2 IRS I tissue EF686757 EF686714 EF686671
L. edwardsi Mariarano mari1 IRS I tissue EF686760 EF686717 EF686674
L. edwardsi Mariarano mari2 IRS I tissue EF686761 EF686718 EF686675
L. edwardsi Tananvaovao tan1 IRS I tissue EF686758 EF686715 EF686672
L. edwardsi Tananvaovao tan2 IRS I tissue EF686759 EF686716 EF686673
L. edwardsi Ampijoroa   IRS I sequence   DQ109006 AF224595
L. edwardsi Andofombombe   IRS I sequence   DQ109004, DQ109005, DQ234888  
L. sp. nov. IRS II Ambodimahabibo bibo1 IRS II tissue EF686762 EF686719 EF686676
L. sp. nov. IRS II Ambodimahabibo bibo2 IRS II tissue EF686763 EF686720 EF686677
L. sp. nov. IRS II Ambodimahabibo bibo3 IRS II tissue EF686764 EF686721 EF686678
L. sp. nov. IRS II Ambodimahabibo bibo4 IRS II tissue EF686765 EF686722 EF686679
L. sp. nov. IRS III Ambongabe amb1 IRS III tissue EF686753 EF686710 EF686667
L. sp. nov. IRS III Ambongabe amb2 IRS III tissue EF686754 EF686711 EF686668
L. sp. nov. IRS III Anjiamangirana I anji1 IRS III tissue EF686755 EF686712 EF686669
L. sahamalazensis Ankarafa sah1 IRS IV tissue EF686750 EF686707 EF686664
L. sahamalazensis Ankarafa sah2 IRS IV tissue EF686751 EF686708 EF686665
L. sahamalazensis Ankarafa sah3 IRS IV tissue EF686752 EF686709 EF686666
L. sahamalazensis Sahamalaza   IRS IV sequence   DQ108990–DQ108992, DQ234882, DQ234883  
L. dorsalis Mahilaka mah1 IRS V tissue EF686746 EF686703 EF686660
L. dorsalis Mahilaka mah2 IRS V tissue EF686747 EF686704 EF686661
L. dorsalis Mahilaka mah3 IRS V tissue EF686748 EF686705 EF686662
L. dorsalis Ambanja   IRS V sequence   DQ108995–DQ108997, DQ234886, DQ234887  
L. dorsalis Mahilaka mah4 IRS V tissue EF686749 EF686706 EF686663
L. dorsalis Lokobe lok1 IRS VI tissue EF686740 EF686697 EF686654
L. dorsalis Lokobe lok3 IRS VI tissue EF686741 EF686698 EF686655
L. dorsalis Manehoka oka1 IRS VI tissue EF686744 EF686701 EF686658
L. dorsalis Manehoka oka2 IRS VI tissue EF686742 EF686699 EF686656
L. dorsalis Manehoka oka3 IRS VI tissue EF686743 EF686700 EF686657
L. dorsalis Manehoka oka4 IRS VI tissue EF686745 EF686702 EF686659
L. dorsalis Nosy Be   IRS VI sequence   AY441464, DQ108993, DQ108994, DQ108998, DQ234885  
L. ankaranensis Ankavana anka1 IRS VII tissue EF686735 EF686692 EF686649
L. ankaranensis Ankavana anka2 IRS VII tissue EF686734 EF686691 EF686648
L. ankaranensis Ankavana anka3 IRS VII tissue EF686736 EF686693 EF686650
L. ankaranensis Ankarana kar1 IRS VII tissue EF686731 EF686688 EF686645
L. ankaranensis Ankarana kar2 IRS VII tissue EF686732 EF686689 EF686646
L. ankaranensis Ankarana kar3 IRS VII tissue EF686733 EF686690 EF686647
L. ankaranensis Analabe ana1 IRS VII tissue EF686737 EF686694 EF686651
L. ankaranensis Analabe ana2 IRS VII tissue EF686738 EF686695 EF686652
L. ankaranensis Analabe ana3 IRS VII tissue EF686739 EF686696 EF686653
L. ankaranensis Ankarana   IRS VII sequence   DQ109028–DQ109032 AF304597
L. ankaranensis Analamera   IRS VII sequence   DQ109022–DQ109024, DQ234884  
L. ankaranensis Andrafiamena   IRS VII sequence   DQ109025, DQ109027, DQ234881  
L. septentrionalis Sahafary   IRS VII sequence AJ304651 DQ109020, DQ109021, DQ234900  
L. mustelinus Mantadia man1 east tissue EF686727 EF686684 EF686641
L. mustelinus Mantadia man2 east tissue EF686728 EF686685 EF686642
L. mustelinus Mantadia man3 east tissue EF686729 EF686686 EF686643
L. mustelinus Mantadia man4 east tissue EF686730 EF686687 EF686644
L. mustelinus Behasina   east sequence   DQ109033  
L. mustelinus near Mantadia   east sequence   DQ109034  
L. microdon Vohiparara   east sequence   DQ109008  
L. microdon Antarando   east sequence   DQ109009, DQ109010  
L. microdon Ambatolampy   east sequence   DQ234889  
L. leucopus    south sequence   DQ109007  
P. diadema     sequence AF354743 AY441452 AF224599