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Table 4 Details of study sites.

From: Unexpected species diversity of Malagasy primates (Lepilemur spp.) in the same biogeographical zone: a morphological and molecular approach with the description of two new species

Locality Abbreviation Coordinates Origin
Madirovalo madi 16°22'45.6"S, 46°29'01.9"E IRS 0
Ampijoroa jbb 16°17'S, 46°48'E IRS I
Mariarano mari 15°28'50.3"S, 46°41'19.0"E IRS I
Tananvaovao tan 15°28'15.5"S, 46°39'59.4"E IRS I
Ambodimahabibo bibo 15°29'54.2"S, 47°28'47.2"E IRS II
Ambongabe amb 15°19'38.3"S, 47°40'44.4"E IRS III
Anjiamangirana I anji 15°09'24.6"S, 47°44'06.2"E IRS III
Ankarafa sah 14°22'47.8"S, 47°45'26.3"E IRS IV
Mahilaka mah 14°17'12.0"S, 48°12'12.0"E IRS V
Lokobe lok 13°23'23.9"S, 48°20'31.0"E IRS VI
Manehoka oka 13°25'49.0"S, 48°47'51.0"E IRS VI
Ankavana anka 12°46'55.7"S, 49°22'27.4"E IRS VII
Ankarana kar 12°58'05.0"S, 49°08'18.0"E IRS VII
Analabe ana 12°45'13.8"S, 49°30'03.9"E IRS VII
Kirindy kir 20°03'S, 44°37'E West
Mantadia man 18°47'S, 48°25'E East