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Table 1 Shape variation.

From: Evolution of male genitalia: environmental and genetic factors affect genital morphology in two Drosophila sibling species and their hybrids

  Intraespecific analyses Interespecific analysis
  D. koepferae D. buzzatii Parental species + hybrids
Shape variables Eigenvalue Proportion(%) Eigenvalue Proportion(%) Eigenvalue Proportion(%)
PC1 1.94E-03 36.6 2.63E-03 30.3 6.26E-03 50.4
PC2 8.95E-04 16.8 1.57E-03 18.1 2.02E-03 16.3
PC3 4.85E-04 9.1 1.21E-03 13.9 1.05E-03 8.4
PC4 3.70E-04 7 8.16E-04 9.4 5.57E-04 4.5
PC5 2.50E-04 4.7 5.22E-04 6 4.97E-04 4
  1. Percent of genital morphological variance explained by the first 5 principal components (PCs) in intraspecific and global (Dorosphila buzzattii + D. Koepferace + hybrids) analyses.