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Table 3 Samples used for morphometric measurements.

From: A molecular phylogeny of Dorylus army ants provides evidence for multiple evolutionary transitions in foraging niche

Species Sub-genus Foraging niche Number of specimens Collection locality
terrificus An. surface swarms 110 Kibale (Uganda)
molestus An. surface swarms 102 Mt. Kenya (Kenya)
mayri An. surface swarms 106 Bossou (Guinea)
arcens An. surface swarms 106 Taï (Ivory Coast)
emeryi An. leaf-litter 54 Taï (Ivory Coast)
gerstaeckeri An. leaf-litter 104 Taï (Ivory Coast)
kohli An. leaf-litter 102 Kibale (Uganda)
braunsi Do. subterranean 50 Kakamega (Kenya)
sp. 1 Do. subterranean 102 Mt. Kenya (Kenya)
sp. 1 Rh. subterranean 102 Mt. Kenya (Kenya)
sp. 2 Rh. subterranean 102 Taï (Ivory Coast)
sp. 1 Ty. subterranean 51 Gashaka (Nigeria)
cf. vishnui Al. subterranean 51 Poring (Malaysia)
  1. Abbreviations are as in Table 2.