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Table 2 List of specimens used for DNA sequencing.

From: A molecular phylogeny of Dorylus army ants provides evidence for multiple evolutionary transitions in foraging niche

Species/label Sub-genus Foraging niche Specimen Collection locality GenBank accession numbers Museum voucher no
      COI1 COI2 COII wingless  
wilerthi An surface swarms worker Kibale (Uganda) EF413837 EF413761 EF413798 EF413874 1
terrificus An. surface swarms worker Kibale (Uganda) EF413842 EF413767 EF413804 EF413880 2
molestus 1 An. surface swarms worker Mt. Kenya (Kenya) EF413809 EF413732 EF413772 EF413848 3
molestus 2 An. surface swarms worker Mt. Kenya (Kenya) EF413836 EF413760 EF413797 EF413873 4
burmeisteri An. surface swarms worker Comoé (Ivory Coast) EF413808 EF413731 EF413771 EF413847 5
mayri An. surface swarms worker Bossou (Guinea) EF413844 - - EF413882 6
arcens An. surface swarms worker Taï (Ivory Coast) EF413829 EF413753 EF413791 EF413867 7
sjoestedti An. surface swarms worker Ndoki (DR Congo) EF413834 EF413758 EF413795 EF413872 8
rubellus An. surface swarms worker Gashaka (Nigeria) EF413833 EF413757 - EF413871 9
emeryi An. leaf-litter worker Taï (Ivory Coast) EF413810 EF413733 EF413773 EF413849 10
gerstaeckeri An. leaf-litter worker Bossou (Guinea) EF413812 EF413736 EF413776 EF413852 11
opacus An. leaf-litter worker Kibale (Uganda) EF413813 EF413737 EF413777 EF413853 12
kohli An. leaf-litter worker Kibale (Uganda) EF413814 EF413738 EF413778 EF413854 13
nigricans An. n. a. male Taï (Ivory Coast) EF413841 EF413766 EF413803 EF413879 14
sp. 1 An. n. a. male Kibale (Uganda) EF413843 EF413768 EF413805 EF413881 15
sp. 1 Do. subterranean worker Mt. Kenya (Kenya) EF413811 EF413735 EF413775 EF413851 16
sp. 2 Do. subterranean worker Bossou (Guinea) EF413815 EF413739 EF413779 EF413855 17
helvolus Do. subterranean worker Cullinan (South Africa) EF413832 EF413756 EF413794 EF413870 18
braunsi Do. subterranean worker Kakamega (Kenya) EF413835 EF413759 EF413796 - 19
sp. 3 Do. subterranean worker Gashaka (Nigeria) EF413827 EF413751 - EF413865 20
spininodis Do. subterranean worker Gashaka (Nigeria) EF413826 EF413750 EF413789 EF413864 21
gribodoi Do. n. a. male Taï (Ivory Coast) EF413817 EF413741 EF413781 EF413857 22
affinis Do. n. a. male Mt. Kenya (Kenya) EF413846 EF413770 EF413807 EF413884 23
sp. 4 Do. n. a. male Mt. Kenya (Kenya) EF413816 EF413740 EF413780 EF413856 24
sp. 5 Do. n. a. male Gashaka (Nigeria) EF413845 EF413769 EF413806 EF413883 25
sp. 1 Rh. subterranean worker Mt. Kenya (Kenya) EF413818 EF413742 EF413782 EF413858 26
laevipodex Rh. n. a. male Mt. Kenya (Kenya) EF413840 EF413764 EF413801 EF413877 27
sp. 2 Rh. n. a. male Gashaka (Nigeria) EF413831 EF413755 EF413793 EF413869 28
laevigatus Di. subterranean worker Poring (Malaysia) EF413819 EF413743 EF413783 AY233632 29
fulvus Ty. subterranean worker Mt. Kenya (Kenya) - EF413734 EF413774 EF413850 30
sp. 1 Ty. subterranean worker Gashaka (Nigeria) EF413828 EF413752 EF413790 EF413866 31
sp. 2 Ty. n. a. male Ile-Ife (Nigeria) EF413838 EF413762 EF413799 EF413875 32
sp. 3 Ty. n. a. male Mt. Kenya (Kenya) - EF413765 EF413802 EF413878 33
conradti Al. subterranean worker Kakamega (Kenya) EF413820 EF413744 - EF413860 34
cf. vishnui Al. subterranean worker Poring (Malaysia) EF413821 EF413745 EF413784 EF413861 35
orientalis Al. subterranean ? ? AY233706 AY233706 - AY233631 -
sp. 1 Al. n. a. male Gashaka (Nigeria) EF413830 EF413754 EF413792 EF413868 36
sp. 2 Al. n. a. male Kakamega (Kenya) EF413839 EF413763 EF413800 EF413876 37
Aenictus sp. 1 n. a. n. a. worker Mt. Kenya (Kenya) EF413822 EF413746 EF413785 EF413862 38
A. aratus n. a. n. a. worker Tawau Hills (Malaysia) EF413824 EF413748 EF413787 AY233628 39
A. laeviceps n. a. n. a. worker Poring (Malaysia) EF413823 EF413747 EF413786 AY233627 40
Eciton burchellii n. a. n. a. worker Henri Pittier (Venezuela) EF413825 EF413749 EF413788 EF413863 41
  1. Specimens have been deposited at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen, numbered consecutively with a reference to this publication (Kronauer et al. 2007/1 – Kronauer et al. 2007/41). Abbreviations of subgenera are Anomma (An.), Dorylus s.s. (Do.), Rhogmus (Rh.), Dichthadia (Di.), Typhlopone (Ty.), and Alaopone (Al.). Foraging niches were not applicable (n. a.) for males and outgroup taxa.