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Table 1 Statistical tests of differences in move length (log-transformed) for habitat vs matrix and FRAG vs AGGREG.

From: Quantitative analysis of changes in movement behaviour within and outside habitat in a specialist butterfly

Test 1: Goodness-of-fit for lognormal distribution: D (P)
Habitat 0.050 (> 0.150) 0.018 (> 0.150) 0.023 (> 0.150)
Matrix 0.024 (> 0.150) 0.056 (0.067) 0.029 (0.087)
Test 2: Equality of means μ: 2-way ANOVA
Factor F 1;1515 P  
Habitat type 295.33 < 0.0001  
Landscape 10.04 0.002  
Interaction 0.17 0.677  
Test 3: Equality of variances σ2: Bartlett: χ12 (P)
Habitat 3.061 (0.080) 129.900 (< 0.0001)
Matrix 16.928 (< 0.0001)  
  1. Note: Test numbers refer to Table 4, where more details on tests and references are available. Legend of table content is given in corresponding test title. While it is possible to obtain full test of the two factors and their interaction at once for μ using 2-factor ANOVA, there is no such test for σ2. Therefore, in this case, we decided to compare groups in two steps: first the landscape comparing FRAG vs AGREGG for each habitat type separately, then the environment type (our major interest) comparing habitat patch vs matrix on landscape-pooled data.