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Table 1 HVR1 haplotypes used in the Figure 2. Haplotype frequency is indicated in brackets when there is more than one.

From: Complex phylogeographic history of central African forest elephants and its implications for taxonomy

Haplotype Taxon Designation* Geographic origin Genbank accession numbers Author
H01 Loxodonta africana africana Angola1 Angola AY741072 Debruyne 2005
H02 (2) L. a. africana Botswana1, BOT4 Botswana AY741074, AF106230 Debruyne 2005, Nyakaana et al. 2002
H03 (3) L. a. africana, L. a. cyclotis BOT2, BOT21, DRC4 Botswana, DRC AF106228, AF106234, AY359275 Nyakaana et al. 2002, Debruyne 2005
H04 (2) L. a. africana BOT9, Zimbabwe2 Botswana, Zimbabwe AF106231, AY741329 Nyakaana et al. 2002, Debruyne 2005
H05 L. a. africana BOT15 Botswana AF106232 Nyakaana et al. 2002
H06 (3) L. a. africana, L. a. cyclotis BOT16, DRC1, Zimbabwe4 Botswana, DRC, Zimbabwe AF106233, AY359277, AY742799 Nyakaana et al. 2002, Debruyne 2005
H07 (4) L. a. cyclotis Bmbo6, Dja39, CAR3214, CAR394 Cameroon, CAR AF527653, AF527647 Eggert et al. 2002, this study
H08 L. a. cyclotis Cameroon1 Cameroon AY359267 Debruyne 2005
H09 (4) L. a. cyclotis Cameroon2, Bmbo1, Bmbo37, NYO0310 Cameroon, Gabon AY359269, AF527646, AF527649 Debruyne 2005, Eggert et al. 2002, this study
H10 (7) L. a. cyclotis Bmbo16, Bmbo43, CAR274, CAR297, Congo2, NN0713, NN2911 Cameroon, CAR, CR AF527648, AF527650, AY359268 Eggert et al. 2002, Debruyne 2005, this study
H11 L. a. cyclotis Dja34 Cameroon AF527651 Eggert et al. 2002
H12 (3) L. africana, L.a. fricana, L. a. cyclotis DRC13**, B1, DRC9 DRC, Cameroon AY741081, AY359279, AF527654, Debruyne 2005, Eggert et al. 2002
H13 (2) L. a. africana B7, Waza15 Cameroon AF527655, AF527659 Eggert et al. 2002
H14 (3) L. a. africana B8, Waza10, Sudan1 Cameroon, Sudan AF527656, AF527658, AY741073 Eggert et al. 2002, Debruyne 2005
H15 (2) L. a. africana Waza27, Mali2 Cameroon, Mali AF527660, AF527666 Eggert et al. 2002
H16 (4) L. a. cyclotis CAR3622, NN059, NN279, NN3014 CAR, CR   This study
H17 (2) L. a. cyclotis CAR3315, CAR381 CAR   This study
H18 (4) L. a. cyclotis CAR5712, AFE82lan, MDC012, NOG053, CAR, Gabon   This study
H19 L. a. cyclotis CAR1 CAR AY359272 Debruyne 2005
H20 L. a. cyclotis CAR309 CAR   This study
H21 L. a. cyclotis CAR3519 CAR   This study
H22 (5) L. a. africana Chad1, K68, RVV15, Mole13, WA6 Chad, Ghana AY741080, AF527643, AF527641, AF527676, AF106243 Eggert et al. 2002, Debruyne 2005, Nyakaana et al. 2002
H23 (10) L. a. cyclotis NN3218, Lan027, LOP067, LOP51a14, NOG014, NOG025, NOG026, Mpa01, Mpa028, RAB0113 RC, Gabon   This study
H24 L. a. cyclotis Congo1 RC AY359266 Debruyne 2005
H25 (2) L. a. cyclotis CKT04a14, RAB275 RC, Gabon   This study
H26 L. a. cyclotis DRC2 DRC AY359270 Debruyne 2005
H27 (4) L. a. africana and L. a. cyclotis KV8, MF1, MF5, DRC3 Uganda, DRC AF106206, AF106209, AF106210, AY359271 Nyakaana et al. 2002, Debruyne 2005
H28 (2) L. a. cyclotis DRC6, DRC8 DRC AY359273, AY359274 Debruyne 2005
H29 L. a. cyclotis DRC5 DRC AY359276 Debruyne 2005
H30 (2) L. a. africana DRC11, AM1 DRC, Kenya AY741078, AF106217 Nyakaana et al. 2002, Debruyne 2005
H31 (2) L. africana and L. a. africana DRC17**, QE13 DRC, Uganda AY742802, AF106213 Nyakaana et al. 2002, Debruyne 2005
H32 (2) L. a. cyclotis IVI1011, RAB067 Gabon   This study
H33 (11) L. a. cyclotis Igl032, AFE85Igl, AFE86Igl, AFE88Igl, IVI1012, IVI043, LOA0310, LOP146, Mpa0319, RAB0215, WAK0410 Gabon   This study
H34 (3) L. a. cyclotis Lan015, Lan15911, RAB131 Gabon   This study
H35 (5) L. a. cyclotis Lan1566, IVI05a6, IVI05b8, RAB032, WAK0817 Gabon   This study
H36 L. a. cyclotis Lan16014 Gabon   This study
H37 (3) L. a. cyclotis Gabon2, LOP0710, PBA023 Gabon AY359265 Debruyne 2005, this study
H38 (8) L. a. cyclotis IVI06b2, Kes0721, Kes0819, LOA068, AFE79LOP, PBA0510, RAB044, RAB1118 Gabon   This study
H39 (4) L. a. cyclotis Kes0211, Kes0314, Kes0517, PBA0714 Gabon   This study
H40 L. a. cyclotis Gabon1 Gabon AY359278 Debruyne 2005
H41 L. a. cyclotis NOG0810 Gabon   This study
H42 L. a. cyclotis PBA0612 Gabon   This study
H43 L. a. cyclotis IVI05a5 Gabon   This study
H44 (3) L. a. cyclotis Bia3, Bia69, Liberia1 Ghana, Liberia AF527677, AF527680, AY741079 Eggert et al 2002, Debruyne 2005
H45 L. a. cyclotis Bia48 Ghana AF527678 Eggert et al 2002
H46 (6) L. a. cyclotis and L. a. africana Bia64, RVV22, Mole9, WA3, WA14, Mali7 Ghana, Mali AF527679, AF527642, AF527675, AF106242, AF106245, AF527667 Eggert et al 2002, Nyakaana et al 2002
H47 (2) L. a. africana Mole3, Mali14 Ghana, Mali AF527674, AF527668 Eggert et al 2002
H48 L. a. africana Mole33 Ghana AF527683 Eggert et al 2002
H49 (2) L. a. cyclotis Tai6, Tai17 Ivory Coast AF527670, AF527671 Eggert et al 2002
H50 (2) L. a. cyclotis Tai19, Tai29 Ivory Coast AF527672, AF527673 Eggert et al 2002
H51 L. a. africana IvoryCoast1 Ivory Coast AY741327 Debruyne 2005
H52 (2) L. a. africana SouthAfrica3, Zimbabwe1 South Africa, Zimbabwe AY741320, AY741321 Debruyne 2005
H53 L. a. africana MM4 Kenya AF106214 Nyakaana et al 2002
H54 L. a. africana MM19 Kenya AF106215 Nyakaana et al 2002
H55 L. a. africana MM20 Kenya AF106216 Nyakaana et al 2002
H56 L. a. africana AM2 Kenya AF106218 Nyakaana et al 2002
H57 L. a. africana AM10 Kenya AF106219 Nyakaana et al 2002
H58 L. a. africana AM12 Kenya AF106220 Nyakaana et al 2002
H59 L. a. africana SA8 Kenya AF106221 Nyakaana et al 2002
H60 L. a. africana Mali28 Mali AF527669 Eggert et al 2002
H61 L. a. africana Mozambique1 Mozambic AY741076 Debruyne 2005
H62 (5) L. a. africana Namibia1, Addo5, Uganda1, QE1, Zimbabwe10 Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe AY741325, AF527682, AF106211, AY741323, AY742800 Nyakaana et al 2002, Eggert et al 2002, Debruyne 2005
H63 L. a. africana KH2 Namibia AF106239 Nyakaana et al 2002
H64 L. a. africana Addo1 South Africa AF527681 Eggert et al 2002
H65 L. a. africana KG1 South Africa AF106240 Nyakaana et al 2002
H66 (3) L. a. africana KG2, Tanzania2, Zimbabwe7 South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe AF106241, AY741070, AY741067 Nyakaana et al 2002, Debruyne 2005
H67 L. a. africana Tanzania1 Tanzania AY742801 Debruyne 2005
H68 (4) L. a. africana QE4, Zambia1, Af9, Af10 Uganda, Zambia, Kenya AF106212, AY741328, AF527639, AF527640 Nyakaana et al 2002, Eggert et al 2002, Debruyne 2005
H69 (2) L. a. africana Uganda2, KV1 Uganda AY741077, AF106203 Nyakaana et al 2002, Debruyne 2005
H70 L. a. africana KV2 Uganda AF106204 Nyakaana et al 2002
H71 L. a. africana KV7 Uganda AF106205 Nyakaana et al 2002
H72 L. a. africana KV17 Uganda AF106207 Nyakaana et al 2002
H73 L. a. africana KV28 Uganda AF106208 Nyakaana et al 2002
H74 L. a. africana WC2 Namibia AF106235 Nyakaana et al 2002
H75 L. a. africana WC4 Namibia AF106236 Nyakaana et al 2002
H76 L. a. africana WC6 Namibia AF106237 Nyakaana et al 2002
H77 L. a. africana WC13 Namibia AF106238 Nyakaana et al 2002
H78 L. a. africana WA11 Ghana AF106244 Nyakaana et al 2002
H79 L. a. africana AF8 Kenya AF527638 Eggert et al 2002
H80 L. a. africana ZBE1 Zimbabwe AF106222 Nyakaana et al. 2002
H81 L. a. africana ZBE2 Zimbabwe AF106223 Nyakaana et al. 2002
H82 L. a. africana ZBE3 Zimbabwe AF106224 Nyakaana et al. 2002
H83 L. a. africana ZBE4 Zimbabwe AF106225 Nyakaana et al. 2002
H84 L. a. africana ZBE5 Zimbabwe AF106226 Nyakaana et al. 2002
H85 L. a. africana ZBE6 Zimbabwe AF106227 Nyakaana et al. 2002
H86 L. a. africana Zimbabwe3 Zimbabwe AY741069 Debruyne 2005
H87 L. a. africana Zimbabwe6 Zimbabwe AY741071 Debruyne 2005
H88 L. a. africana Zimbabwe5 Zimbabwe AY741322 Debruyne 2005
  1. * Original name from each author (Debruyne, 2005; Eggert et al. 2002; Nyakaana et al. 2002; and this study. ** Sample sharing both, forest and savannah haplotypes, according to the author (Debruyne, 2005).