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Table 1 The 68 nuclear OXPHOS genes studied in this work

From: The nuclear OXPHOS genes in insecta: a common evolutionary origin, a common cis-regulatory motif, a common destiny for gene duplicates

Complex Name Subunits Gene product (D. melanogaster gene)
I NADH ubiquinone oxidoreductase 34 13 kDa A (CG8680), 13 kDa B (CG6463), 15 kDa (CG11455), 18 kDa (CG12203), 19 kDa (CG3683), 20 kDa (CG9172), 23 kDa (CG3944), 24 kDa (CG5703), 30 kDa (CG12079), 39 kDa (CG6020), 42 kDa (CG6343), 49 kDa (CG1970), 51 kDa (CG9140), 75 kDa (CG2286), B8 (CG15434), B12 (10320), B14 (CG7712), B14.5A (CG3621), B14.5B (CG12400), B14.7 (CG9350), B15 (CG12859), B16.6 (CG3446), B17 (CG13240), B17.2 (CG3214), B18 (CG5548), B22 (CG9306), ACP (CG9160), ASHI (CG3192), MLRQ (CG32230), MNLL (CG18624), PDSW (CG8844), SGDH (CG9762), AGGG (CG40002), MWFE (CG17054).
II Succinate dehydrogenase 4 Flavoprotein (CG17246), Iron-sulfur (CG3283), Cytochrome B560 (CG6666), Cytochrome B small subunit (CG10219).
III Ubiquinol-cytochrome c oxidoreductase 9 6.4 kDa (CG14482), 7.2 kDa (CG8764), 11 kDa (Ucrh), 14 kDa (CG3560), Iron-sulfur (CG7361), Cytochrome C1 (CG4769), Core protein 1 (CG3731), Core protein 2 (CG4169), Ubiquinone-binding protein QP-C (CG7580).
IV Cytochrome c oxidase 8 IV (CG10664), Va (CG14724), Vb (CG11015), VIa (CG17280), VIb (CG14235), VIc (CG14028), VIIa (CG9603), VIIc (CG2249).
V F0/F1 ATP synthase 13 Alpha (CG3612), Beta (CG11154), Gamma (CG7610), Delta (CG2968), Epsilon (CG9032), B (CG8189), D (CG6030), E (CG3321), F (CG4692), G (CG6105), Coupling factor 6 (CG4412), Lipid-binding protein (CG1746), OSCP (CG4307).