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Table 2 Variance component analyses on embryo mortality in the 2nd experiment.

From: Male dominance linked to size and age, but not to 'good genes' in brown trout (Salmo trutta)

  SS d.f. F p σ2 (% of total)
Sire 1.80 12 2.5 0.01 0.005023 (7.3%)
Dam 0.85 5 2.8 0.02 0.002818 (4.1%)
Sire × dam 3.58 60 1.0 0.53 0 (0%)
Total      0.068507 (100%)
  1. Two-way ANOVA on embryo mortalities observed in the second breeding experiment when 13 males are crossed with 6 females in a full-factorial design and the embryos raised in 3 Petri dishes per sibship. Because the experimental set-up is fully balanced, results are based on EMS (Expected Mean Square). Sire, dam, and sire × dam interaction were random effects in the model. The negative estimate for the variance component of the interaction term is put to zero.