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Table 2 Mean corrected percent sequence divergences between Triops cancriformis clade/population comparisons and estimated divergence times based on corrected COI distance. Distances are given for the combined COI-ATPase fragment as well as separately for COI and ATPase sequences. Because no crustacean molecular clock calibration factors are available for ATPase we used the COI corrected distance for approximations of divergence times. For population codes see Table 1, for clade definition see Figure 2.

From: Recent evolution of alternative reproductive modes in the 'living fossil' Triops cancriformis

clade/population Corrected % sequence divergence Estimated divergence times (mya)
COI-ATP ATP COI 1.4% sequence divergence per mya 2.3% sequence divergence per mya
clade A vs. clade B 2.1590 3.4323 1.5865 1.1332 0.6809
clade A and B vs. C 13.5477 44.5345 10.985 7.8465 4.7146
ARE vs. YOI 9.7768 24.3929 7.9947 5.6762 3.4106
ARE&YOI vs. EXT 10.4396 31.5413 7.8278 5.5912 3.3595