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Table 1 Correlation values of KOG distance matrices compared to that of KOG2671, KOG functional category, the corresponding single protein KOGs to the systematic name, systematic deletion and chromosome number of ORFs of Saccharomyce cerevisae (Sce) [19].

From: Cophenetic correlation analysis as a strategy to select phylogenetically informative proteins: an example from the fungal kingdom

Correlation value KOG number Sce Systematic name Systematic deletion Chromosome number
1.00 KOG2671 YOL124c viable XV
0.93 KOG0340 YHR169w inviable VIII
0.91 KOG4089 YDR405w viable IV
0.91 KOG0173 YOR157C inviable XV
0.91 KOG2728 YIL083c inviable IX
0.90 KOG3111 YJL121c viable X
0.89 KOG3800 YDR460w inviable IV
0.89 KOG3024 YOR164c viable XV
0.89 KOG0816 YKL009w viable XI
0.89 KOG2905 YGR005c inviable VII
0.89 KOG3013 YHR069c inviable VIII
0.89 KOG1416 YNL062c inviable XIV
0.88 KOG2299 YNL072w viable XIV
0.88 KOG3045 YDR083w viable IV
0.88 KOG3003 YOR232w inviable XV
0.87 KOG4018 YDR152w viable IV
0.87 KOG3786 YLR418c viable XII
0.87 KOG3789 YEL062w viable V
0.86 KOG0809 YOL018c viable XV
0.86 KOG4093 YPL225w viable XVI
0.86 KOG3015 YJL180c viable X
0.86 KOG2487 YPR056w inviable XVI
0.85 KOG0438 YEL050c viable V
0.85 KOG0645 YDR267c inviable IV
0.85 KOG2851 YIR008c inviable IX
0.85 KOG2267 YKL045w inviable XI
0.84 KOG2732 YJR006w inviable X
0.84 KOG2021 YKL205w viable XI
0.83 KOG0991 YOL094c inviable XV
0.83 KOG3224 YPR040w viable XVI
0.83 KOG2994 YML021c viable XIII
0.82 KOG3103 YGR172c inviable VII
0.82 KOG1598 YGR246c inviable VII
0.82 KOG0436 YGR171c viable VII
0.81 KOG2326 YMR106C viable XIII
0.81 KOG1355 YNL220w viable XIV
0.81 KOG1741 YPR166c viable XVI
0.80 KOG3381 YHR122w inviable VIII
0.79 KOG3244 YDR204w viable IV
0.79 KOG1534 YLR243w inviable XII
0.78 KOG3229 YKL041w viable XI
0.77 KOG3438 YNL113w inviable XIV
0.77 KOG1069 YGR095c inviable VII
0.76 KOG3364 YIL065c viable IX
0.76 KOG0989 YJR068w inviable X
0.75 KOG3911 YDR087c inviable IV
0.73 KOG3104 YDR005c viable IV
0.73 KOG0304 YNR052c viable XIV
0.73 KOG3341 YPL002c viable XVI
0.72 KOG3059 YPL076w inviable XVI
0.71 KOG3259 YJR017c inviable X
0.71 KOG3313 YGR078c viable VII
0.70 KOG1750 YNR036c viable XIV
0.70 KOG0396 YIL097w viable IX
0.70 KOG3240 YPR113w inviable XVI
0.69 KOG1173 YKL022c inviable XI
0.68 KOG2626 YLR015w viable XII
0.66 KOG1299 YGL095c viable VII
0.65 KOG3327 YJR057w inviable X
0.62 KOG1746 YOR103c inviable XV
0.61 KOG3159 YJL046w viable X
0.56 KOG0325 YLR239c viable XII
0.50 KOG3063 YJL053w viable X
0.50 KOG0282 YDR364c viable IV
0.48 KOG2874 YCL059c inviable III
0.44 KOG4017 YMR201c viable XIII
0.36 KOG3228 YDR163w viable IV
0.35 KOG0551 YBR155w inviable II
0.24 KOG0285 YPL151c inviable XVI
0.08 KOG2441 YAL032c inviable I