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Table 2 Models identified by the AIC in MrModeltest [35] as optimal for each gene and/or groups thereof.

From: A web-database of mammalian morphology and a reanalysis of placental phylogeny

gene model gene model
a2ab GTR+I+G irbp GTR+I+G
adora3 GTR+I+G plcb4 GTR+I+G
adrb2 HKY+I+G pnoc GTR+I+G
app GTR+G rag1 GTR+I+G
atp7a GTR+I+G rag2 HKY+I+G
bdnf GTR+G tyr SYR+I+G
brca1 GTR+I+G vwf GTR+I+G
cnr1 GTR+I+G zfx HKY+I+G
crem GTR+I+G mtRNA GTR+I+G
edg1 GTR+I+G nucDNA GTR+I+G