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Table 1 Genbank accession numbers for sequences used in the molecular analyses

From: Incongruence between genetic and morphological diversity in Microcebus griseorufus of Beza Mahafaly

Species Genbank No. Reference
Microcebus griseorufus AF285567–AF285568 9
  AY167065–AY167070; AY167072–AY167076 10
  DQ979888–DQ979958 de novo
M. murinus AF285557–AF285566 9
  AY167071 10
  U53572 31
M. berthae AF285540–AF285543 9
M. myoxinus AF285536; AF285538 9
M. ravelobensis AF285529–AF285532 9
M. rufus AF285549; AF285551 9
M. sambiranensis AF285554–AF285556 9
M. tavaratra AF285533–AF285534 9
Cheirogaleus major AY605911 34
C. medius AY605909 34