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Table 6 Mycobacterial species used to obtain genomic DNA

From: Evolution and expansion of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis PE and PPE multigene families and their association with the duplication of the ESAT-6 (esx) gene cluster regions

Mycobacterial species Slow/fast growing ATCC number
M. africanum Slow ATCC 25420
M. aichiense Fast ATCC 27280
M. asiaticum Slow ATCC 25276
M. aurum Fast ATCC 23366
M. avium Slow ATCC 25291
M. bovis Slow ATCC 19210
M. chelonae Fast ATCC 35749
M. chitae Fast ATCC 19627
M. fallax Fast ATCC 35219
M. fortuitum Fast ATCC 6841
M. fortuitum Fast ATCC 49403
M. fortuitum Fast ATCC 49404
M. gastri Slow ATCC15754
M. genavense Slow ATCC 51233
M. gilvum Fast ATCC 43909
M. gordonae Slow ATCC 14470
M. haemophilum Slow ATCC 29548
M. intracellulare Slow ATCC 13950
M. kansasii Slow ATCC 12478
M. malmoense Slow ATCC 29571
M. marinum Slow ATCC 927
M. mucogenicum Fast ATCC 49650
M. neoaurum Fast ATCC 25795
M. nonchromogenicum Slow ATCC 19530
M. parafortuitum Fast ATCC 19686
M. peregrinum Fast ATCC 14467
M. phlei Fast ATCC 11758
M. scrofulaceum Slow ATCC 19981
M. senegalense Fast ATCC 35796
M. simiae Slow ATCC 25275
M. smegmatis Fast ATCC 19420
M. szulgai Slow ATCC 35799
M. terrae Slow ATCC 15755
M. thermoresistibile Fast ATCC 19527
M. triviale Slow ATCC 23292
M. tuberculosis H37Rv Slow ATCC 25618
M. ulcerans Slow ATCC 19423
M. vaccae Fast ATCC 15483
M. xenopi Slow ATCC 19250