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Table 1 Parameter estimates for the lipase/esterase data (n = 29)

From: Tracking the connection between evolutionary and functional shifts using the fungal lipase/feruloyl esterase A family

Model p l Parameters estimates Positively selected sites
M0: one-ratio 1 -13903.33 ω = 0.0685 None
Branch-site model:     
Model A 3 -13792.38 p0 = 0.452, p1 = 0.170
(p2 + p3) = 0.376
ω2 = 999
Site for foreground lineage: 4Q 13R 17M 19T 22Q 26A 29C 40K 42Y 51W 53L 63T 69G 71D 75Q 76L 78T 80Y 100Y 103G 112E 137S 142T 145Q 147S 163S 195G 198N 204E 215S 236E 238Q 244N (at P > 0.95)
  1. Note: p is the number of free parameters for the ω ratios. Parameters indicating positive selection are presented in boldtype. Sites potentially under positive selection were identified using the mature FaeA (A. niger) according to the Bayes empirical Bayes analyses for Model A. Note that the result of ω2 = 999 corresponded to a boundary of the estimated parameter value, since dS was zero for this branch.