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Table 3 Summary of statistical tests used to measure a posteriori the utility and interaction of data partitions.

From: Multi-locus phylogeny of dolphins in the subfamily Lissodelphininae: character synergy improves phylogenetic resolution

Tests Question(s) H0 Statistical test
Utility of each data partition to tree resolution Does the strength of the signal decay for each partition as branch lengths increase? No relationship between frequency of CI1 characters and branch length Linear regression
  Is there variation in the contribution of data partitions to node support relative to branch length? Equal frequency of CI1 characters for each data partition across branch lengths Chi-square
  Is there variation in relative support a partition contributes to short and long branches? Uniform proportion of CI1 for each data partition across branch lengths Kruskal-Walis
Utility of 3rd codon positions Are third positions less informative than other codon positions? Uniform frequency of CI1 characters among codon positions Chi-square
Conflict among data partitions in the simultaneous analysis Is there evidence for interaction among data partitions? Even distribution of PBS across node heights Spearman's rank correlation
  Does simultaneous analysis displace synapomorphies? No displacement of synapomorphies (HS ≤ 0) in combined analysis Sign test
  1. CI1 = characters with consistency index of 1 (CI = 1); HS = hidden synapomorphy index; PBS = partitioned Bremer support.