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Table 1 Nematode EST table. Blast matches of C. elegans guanylyl cyclase in the four major clades of the phylum Nematoda in Nembase. Accesion number correspond to those in NEMBASE.

From: Multiple lineage specific expansions within the guanylyl cyclase gene family

Clade Nematode Species Nematode Specific Guanylyl Cyclase Genes Accession Numbers
I Trichuris vulpis gcy-14 TVC00239
III Ascaris suum gcy-27 ASC22837
  Brugia malayi gcy-12 14378.m00176
   gcy-18 14977.m05059
   gcy-35 14232.m00262
   odr-1 14958.m00342
IVa Strongyloides ratti gcy-6 SRC05888
   gcy-23 SRC01902
  Parastrongiyoides trichosuri gcy-6 PTC00967
IVb Globodera rostochiensis gcy-9 GRC01455
   gcy-18 GRC01798
   gcy-22 GRC03191
  Heterodera glycines gcy-9 HGC00473
   gcy-20 HGC10067
   gcy-27 HGC02658
  Meloidogyne arenaria   
   gcy-12 MAC01982
   gcy-13 MAC03089
  Meloidogyne incognita   
   gcy-7 MIC03007
   gcy-9 MIC02891
  Meloidogyne javanica   
   gcy-1 MJC01228
   gcy-23 MJC04228
  Meloidogyne chitwoodi   
   gcy-6 MCC03766
   gcy-13 MCC02926
  Meloidogyne hapla   
   gcy-9 MHC10317
   gcy-18 MHC00708
  Heterodera schachtii   
   gcy-22 HSC01152
   gcy-23 HSC00122
  Ancylostoma caninum gcy-37 ACC02290
V Anycylostoma ceylanicum gcy-37 AYC04102
   gcy-8 AYC03974