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Table 3 Paralogous gene families expanded in DR

From: Comparative genomics of Thermus thermophilus and Deinococcus radiodurans: divergent routes of adaptation to thermophily and radiation resistance

Description COG numbers Number of representatives in DR Number of representatives in TT
Widespread families expanded in DR
MutT-like phosphohydrolases (Nudix) COG0494, COG1051 17,5 5,5
Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase COG1768, COG1408, COG1692, COG0639 1; 1; 1; 9 1; 0; 1; 2
Lipase-like alpha/beta hydrolase COG0596, COG0400 10; 1 6; 1
Subtilisin-like protease COG1404 10 2
Sugar deacetylase COG2120 6 4
PadR-like transcriptional regulators (possibly involved in chemical stress response) COG1695 9 0
MOSC sulfur-carrier domains COG2258 4 1
FlaR like kinases - 3 0
LigT phosphatases (may participate in RNA repair or methabolism) - 3 2
McrA endonuclease COG1403 5 1
TerZ family (could confer resistance to a variety of DNA-damaging agents) COG2310 7 0
PR1 family (stress response) COG2340 5 1
DinB family (DNA damage and stress inducible proteins) COG2318; no COG 3; 10 1
Transcriptional regulators - 5 0
Unique DR families
GRXGG repeats containing protein - DR0082, DR2593, DR1748 No
Alpha/beta proteins, tryptophan-rich - DR2532, DR2457 No
Proteins with GXTXXXG and CXPXXXC motifs (DR0871 has duplication of the domain) - DR0871, DR1920, DR2360 No
Secreted alpha/beta proteins with a single conserved domain - DR1251, DR1319, DR1545 No
Predominantly alpha-helical proteins - DR0481, DR1195, DR1301 No
Predominantly alpha-helical proteins - DR0387, DR2038+DR2039 No
Predicted metabolic regulator containing V4R domain - DR2179, DR1611 No
Predicted sirohydrochlorin cobaltochelatase COG2138 DRA0012, DR2241 No
Conserved histidine rich protein (now also found in Caulobacter and Mesorhizobium) COG3798 DR1261, DR1348 No