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Table 1 Rat PSG genes: nomenclature and references. Previously and newly identified rat PSG genes are listed with GenBank references. Where the GNOMON predicted sequence in GenBank differs from our prediction this is denoted by a single asterix beside the nucleotide accession number. A double asterix indicates the prediction of a putative splice variant with an alternative leader and N1-domain exon.

From: Conservation of pregnancy-specific glycoprotein (PSG) N domains following independent expansions of the gene families in rodents and primates

gene name alternative/ old name accession number (nucleotide) accession number (protein) NW_047566.1 contig (CDS start and end positions and orientation) Notes
PSG36 CGM1 NM_012702 XP_218391 947162 – 958811 (F)  
PSG37 CGM3 NM_019126 NP_061999 1543892 – 1552811 (R)  
PSG38 similar to brain CEA XM_214842* XP_214842 859024 – 870967 (F)  
PSG39 CGM6 XM_218398 XP_218398 1562043 – 1571612 (R)  
PSG40 CGM8 NM_021677** NP_067709 1009499 – 1015560 (F) putative novel splice variant
PSG41   XM_218390* XP_218390 888980 – 904807 (F)  
PSG42     1108370 – 1118331 (F)  
PSG43     1149404 – 1185428 (F)