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Table 1 Summary of output from MrModelTest for each data partition in the global and Saxifragales data sets §

From: Discovery of the photosynthetic relatives of the "Maltese mushroom" Cynomorium

Data Set Data Partition Chosen Model (AICc) Chosen Model (hLRT) Characters (total/variable) Akaike Weight of Chosen Model
Both global and Saxifragales atpB Pos3 GTR+I+Γ GTR+I+Γ/GTR+Γ 490/416 0.9997 (all)
  rbcL Pos1 GTR+I+Γ GTR+I+Γ 467/130 1.0000 (all)
  rbcL Pos2 SYM+I+Γ SYM+I+Γ/JC+I+Γ 467/84 0.7397 (all)
  rbcL Pos3 GTR+I+Γ GTR+I+Γ 467/391 0.9911 (all)
  nu SSU GTR+I+Γ SYM+I+Γ/GTR+I+Γ 1750/428 0.8264 (all)
Just global atpB Pos1* GTR+I+Γ GTR+I+Γ 490/139 1.0000 (all)
  atpB Pos2* GTR+I+Γ GTR+I+Γ 490/68 0.9872 (all)
  matR Pos1 GTR+Γ GTR+Γ 743/298 0.6598 (all)
  matR Pos2 GTR+Γ GTR+Γ/HKY+Γ 743/285 0.5628 (all)
  matR Pos3 GTR+Γ SYM+Γ/GTR+Γ 742/376 0.6739 (all)
Just Saxifragales atpB Pos1* GTR+G GTR+G/GTR+I 480/85 0.4127 (all)
  atpB Pos2* GTR+I+Γ (all)/ HKY+I+Γ (variable) HKY+I/HKY+I+Γ/ GTR+I+Γ 480/45 0.3988 (variable)
  matK Pos1 GTR+I+Γ GTR+Γ 528/297 0.5389 (all)
  matK Pos2 GTR+I+Γ GTR+I+Γ/GTR+Γ 528/250 0.9208 (all)
1. matK Pos3 GTR+Γ GTR+Γ 528/369 0.7387 (all)
  nu LSU GTR+I+Γ GTR+I+Γ 3391/808 1.0000 (all)
  1. §Models selected by the hLRT can vary depending on the model parameter addition hierarchy used; models used for analysis were those chosen by the AICc and at least one version of the hLRT [for matK pos 1, AICc was used]. The listed numbers of variable characters in the "both global and Saxifragales" portion of the table refer to the global data set. Akaike weights of the chosen model were computer for the total number of characters (all) and the number of variable characters (variable). * Both the global and Saxifragales data sets included atpB codon positions 1 and 2, but the models chosen for these data partitions differed between the two data sets (simpler models were chosen for these partitions with the Saxifragales data set, which comprises more closely related taxa than does the global data set).