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Table 2 The sex ratio in male-killer infected isofemale lines from Hokkaido following transfer of the introgressed infected lines to 23.5°. 'All-female' classification represents cases where both replicates produced all female broods. Where males were produced within a female-biased sex ratio, data is given separately for each replicate of the isofemale line.

From: Host resistance does not explain variation in incidence of male-killing bacteria in Drosophila bifasciata

Generation Sex ratio No. of lines Line-replicate: male
n    progeny/total
F1 All female 20  
  Female biased 0  
F2 All female 20  
  Female biased 0  
F3 All female 16  
  Female biased 4 11-1 no males 11-2: 1/21
    19-1: 1/28 19-2: no males
    23-1: 1/37 23-2: no males
    25-1: 1/11 25-1: no males
F4 All female 20  
  Female biased 0