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Table 1 The four fugu RD genes and their human orthologs.

From: An enigmatic fourth runt domain gene in the fugu genome: ancestral gene loss versus accelerated evolution

Fugu gene Human ortholog
Name Location Size %G+C location Gene size %G+C
FrRUNT scaffold_835 3.0 41.2% N.O. N.O. N.O.
FrRUNX1 scaffold_682 25.2 42.5% chr21 262 43.6%
FrRUNX2 scaffold_260 32.6 45.7% chr6 219 39.9%
FrRUNX3 scaffold_183 36.8 47.4% chr1 66 54.8%
  1. Sizes are expressed in kb. N.O.: No ortholog.