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Table 4 Geographic distribution of point mutations at positions 161, 265, 330 and 368 determined by PASA.

From: Mutations of acetylcholinesterase which confer insecticide resistance in Drosophila melanogaster populations

Europe Central and South America, West Indies
   161 265 330 368       
BDX France I G F G TORREON Mexico I/V G/A F/Y G
BEAU France V G F A CART Columbia I/V G/A F/Y G/A
BIZIAT France I G/A F G BOL Bolivia I G F G/A
BOB SS France I G F G/A GUY Guyana I G/A F G
BZH France I G F G RIC Costa Rica I/V A F/Y G
GRAM France I G F A GUA Guadeloupe I/V G/A F/Y G
NAU France I/V G F G CUBA Cuba I/V G/A F/Y G/A
CO France I G F G MAR Martinique I G/A F G
CT France I G F G       
PIERREFEU France I/V G/A F G/A Africa and Indian Ocean
SANC France I A F G       
STEG France I/V G/A F/Y G/A MK Morocco I/V G/A F/Y G/A
ECO U.K. I G F G BISS Guinea I G F G
NOTT U.K. I G/A F/Y G DK Senegal I/V G/A F/Y G/A
TUBINGEN Germany I/V G/A F/Y G NIMB Ivory Coast I/V G F G
KU Germany I/V G F A GHE Ethiopia I G/A F G
BUD Hungary I/V G/A F/Y G/A KEN Kenya I G/A F G
NORV Norway I/V G/A F G MAD Madagascar I G F G/A
POZ Poland I/V G F G       
STIC Italy I/V G/A F/Y G/A Australia and Pacific islands
FLO Italy I/V A F G       
VAG(3875) Greece I G F G A 12 Australia I G F G/A
ES Azores I G F G A 80 Australia I G/A F G/A
BB 31 Australia I G/A F G       
North America INN 7 Australia I G/A F G
       NB 18 Australia I/V G F G/A
BHA U.S.A. I G F G/A RHS 2 Australia I G/A F G
BO U.S.A I G/A F G/A TBK 72 Australia V G/A F G
NY U.S.A V A Y G TAH Tahiti I/V G F G
WC 97-8 U.S.A I/V G/A F/Y G TA Vanuatu I G F G/A
WC 2 U.S.A I/V G/A F/Y G       
WC 6 U.S.A I G/A F G Asia and Middle East
WC 96-5 U.S.A I/V G/A F/Y G       
WC 97-1 U.S.A I/V G/A F/Y G HIKONE Japan I G F G
WC 97-15 U.S.A I/V G/A F/Y G 2375 Japan I G F G/A
MONT Canada I/V G/A F G/A NDL India I/V G/A F/Y G/A
RALEIGH France I/V G F G NW Arabia I G F G
  1. In some cases the two amino-acids were found in the same population. For example at position 265 in the Strain Biziat, a glycine was found in some individuals and an alanine in others.