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Table 2 C. elegans AADC genes expression and C. briggsae orthologs.

From: Function and evolution of the serotonin-synthetic bas-1 gene and other aromatic amino acid decarboxylase genes in Caenorhabditis

C. elegans AADC C.e. cDNAs C.e. Microarray C. briggsae ortholog C.b. cDNAs
C05D2.4 (bas-1) +(3) a,b,c,d + FPC2187 (84,978 / - strand) + a
C05D2.3 + a,c - none NA
C09G9.4 + d - FPC4079 (~28,330 / + strand) -
F12A10.3 +(2) b,d - none NA
K01C8.3 (tdc-1) +(2) c,d + FPC0011 (663,153 / + strand) +
Y37D8A.23 (unc-25) +(3) c,d + FPC4030 (765,572 / - strand) -
ZK289.2 + c,d - FPC0143 (1,747,392 / - strand) -
  1. C. e. cDNAs: Parentheses indicate number of splice forms found. acDNAs found via our RT-PCR experiments and bour sequencing of ORFeome project clones. cC. elegans EST project. dWorm ORFeome project. Microarray: Expression levels at all developmental stages as shown by C. elegans microarray experiments found in Wormbase. "+" indicates significant expression at some stage; "-" indicates no expression above background detected at any stage. C. briggsae AADC orthologs: We did TBLASTN searches of the C. briggsae whole genome shotgun assembly (cb25.agp8) on the Sanger Centre C. briggsae blast server using complete predicted amino acid sequences for each C. elegans AADC gene. C. briggsae genes are designated by contig location, first nucleotide of predicted coding sequence, and strand, based on predicted C. elegans sequence. In each case, alignments showed extended regions of 100% or near 100% amino acid identity beginning at the site indicated. (We did not locate the beginning of the C.b. C09G9.4 ortholog; alignments did not identify a matching site for the first 11 C. elegans amino acids). For C05D2.3 and F12A10.3, the best matches in C. briggsae were the C05D2.4 ortholog (FPC2187), followed by the K01C8.3 ortholog (FPC0011); these two genes appear to be absent from C. briggsae. We have isolated an SL1-spliced C. briggsae bas-1 cDNA by RT-PCR (S. DePaul & C. Loer, unpublished); C. briggsae tdc-1 ESTs are in GenBank. NA – not applicable.