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Table 1 Summary of Bayes factor tests of incongruence. Entries are twice the log of the Bayes factor in the comparison between models M1 and M2 (2logB12). The row models are arbitrarily labeled M1; thus, positive values indicate support for the column model over the row model. A dash (-) indicates which partitions that have linked topology parameters.

From: Phylogenetic relationships of typical antbirds (Thamnophilidae) and test of incongruence based on Bayes factors

Model Cyt b-Myo-G3PDH Cyt b, Myo-G3PDH Cyt b-Myo, G3PDH Cyt b-G3PDH, Myo Cyt b, Myo, G3PDH
Cyt b-Myo-G3PDH 0 60.84 118.12 102.26 241.36
Cyt b, Myo-G3PDH   0 57.28 41.42 180.52
Cyt b-Myo, G3PDH    0 -15.86 123.24
Cyt b-G3PDH, Myo     0 139.1
Cyt b, Myo, G3PDH      0