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Table 1 Sampled populations, abbreviations used, geographical location and number of sampled individuals.

From: Evidence for survival of Pleistocene climatic changes in Northern refugia by the land snail Trochoidea geyeri (Soós 1926) (Helicellinae, Stylommatophora)

Population Abbreviation Location Sample size
Schlüchtern/Hohenzell SHZ 50°21'N 09°33'E 7
Eisleben/Süβer See ESS 51°35'N 11°40'E 5
Münsingen MUN 48°25'N 09°30'E 8
Mont Ventoux/Sommet MVS 44°11'N 05°16'E 8
Mont Ventoux/Les Rabets MVR 44°08'N 05°10'E 5
Montagne de Lure ML 44°07'N 05°28'E 7
Plateau de Vaucluse PTV 43°58'N 05°28'E 7
Grand Luberon LUB 43°49'N 05°28'E 6
Sainte Victoire STV 43°32'N 05°43'E 5
Chaine des Etoiles CDE 43°24'N 05°28'E 9
Sainte Baume STB 43°19'N 05°47'E 5
Cause de Larzac 1 LAR1 44°00'N 03°20°E 3
Causse de Larzac 2 LAR2 43°59'N 03°10'E 5
Causse de Larzac 3 LAR3 44°01'N 03°15'E 6