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Table 4 Statistical support for alternative hypotheses on Schmidtea phylogenetic relationships. (SH, Shimodaira-Hasegawa test: Comparison between the constrained and unconstrained (first, Bayesian) solution)

From: Phylogeography of competing sexual and parthenogenetic forms of a freshwater flatworm: patterns and explanations

Tree - Log likelihood Δ-Log likelihood p (SH)
Unconstrained Bayesian tree (Fig.2) 1432.3 (best)  
Single origin for all parthenogens (3x + 4x) 1525.1 92.8 < 0.001
Single origin for all triploid S. polychroa 1550.0 117.7 < 0.001
Single origin for all tetraploid S. polychora 1556.3 124.0 < 0.001