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Table 2 Arabidopsis Dof transcription factors

From: Genome-wide comparative phylogenetic analysis of the rice and Arabidopsis Dof gene families

AGI codea Predicted gene structureb Chromosome Groupc Gene Named
At5g60850 ___Dof___ 5 A OBP4
At1g517001 ___Dof___ 1 A  
At3g212701 ___Dof___ 3 A  
At1g07640 __Dof___ 1 B1 OBP2
At3g553702 ___Dof__ 3 B1 OBP3
At2g375902 __Dof___ 2 B1  
At2g28810 __Dof__ 2 B1  
At5g02460 __Dof___ 5 B1  
At5g65590 ___Dof___ 5 B2  
At4g38000 ___Dof___ 4 B2  
At1g28310 ___Dof___ 1 B2  
At2g28510 __Dof___ 2 C1  
At3g456103 __Dof___ 3 C1  
At5g602003 __Dof___ 5 C1  
At5g62940 __Dof___ 5 C1  
At1g64620 __Dof___ 1 C2.1  
At4g00940 ___Dof___ 4 C2.1  
At4g24060 __Dof___ 4 C2.1  
At2g465904 __Dof___ 2 C2.1 DAG2
At3g618504 __Dof__ 3 C2.1 DAG1
At3g52440 ___Dof___ 3 C2.2  
At1g21340 ___Dof___ 1 C2.2  
At4g210305 ___Dof___ 4 C3  
At4g210505 ___Dof___ 4 C3  
At4g210406 ___Dof___ 4 C3  
At4g210806 ___Dof___ 4 C3  
At2g341407 ___Dof___ 2 D1  
At1g291607 ___Dof___ 1 D1 COG1
At3g475008 __Dof___ 3 D1 HPPBF-2a
At5g624308 __Dof___ 5 D1  
At5g39660 __Dof___ 5 D1  
At1g267909 _2_Dof___ 1 D1  
At1g695709 __Dof___ 1 D1 HPPBF-2b
At1g47650 ___Dof___ 1 D2  
At5g6694010 ___Dof___ 5 D2  
At3g5041010 ___Dof___ 3 D2 OBF
  1. a Names from the Arabidopsis Genome Initiative (AGI). Genes sharing the same superscript number were found in duplicated genomic regions according to the Redundancy Viewer (MIPS/MATDB). b Data from the At TIGR db. Intron () relative position respect to the Dof domain. Sub-index indicates number of introns. c Group designation after the phylogenetic analysis displayed in Figure 2C. d Gene names originally utilized for publication or database registration.