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Table 2 Thresholds for favoring female behaviors affecting a trade-off between self and female coevals.

From: Theory of genomic imprinting conflict in social insects

  (1) One queen, singly mated (2) One queen, x mates (3) q queens, singly mated
Patrigenic 1
Patri. > Matri. always x < 2
Maternal 1 1
  1. The numbers represent the benefit/cost ratio above which selfishness is favored (expression 5), and the cost/benefit ratio below which altruism is favored (expression 6). Low values are more selfish. Each column defines one kind of colony structure and each row represents selection on a different kind of gene, the first three in a female offspring and the last in a queen. The "Maternal" conditions are for when a mother would be selected to imprint one of her daughters to perform the action in question. Fathers would be selected to imprint daughters under the patrigenic conditions.