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Table 5 Negative reactions of archival strains on PM3 plates

From: Carbon and nitrogen substrate utilization by archival Salmonella typhimurium LT2 cells

Substrate # of archival strains (of 21) that catabolized the given substrate
L-Glutamic Acid 8
D-Glutamic Acid 2
L-Homoserine 6
Hyroxylamine 2
Ethylenediamine 4
Putrescine 9
Agmatine 5
Guanine 2
Uric Acid 2
D,L-α Amino-Caprylic Acid 2
Ala-Asp 14
  1. Sequenced strain 2004 did not catabolize these 11 substrates. The number of archival strains that exhibited a positive phenotype for these substrates is shown in the second column.