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Table 1 Sample sites of Aurelia specimens (N = sample size). *Previously identified as A. labiata; **previously identified as A. limbata; the remaining samples were identified as A. aurita. ***Clone MCA-1 derive from a tropical aquarium community (Pascal Mosconie, pers. comm.). Clone-IDs in bold represent polyps that were cultured alive in the laboratory. Further explanations are given in text.

From: Speciation and phylogeography in the cosmopolitan marine moon jelly, Aurelia sp

marine area, ID location N clone-ID
N orthern S ea, NS Hörnum/Sylt 1 NS-S
  Helgoland 2 NS-HE1, -2
B altic S ea, BS Boiensdorf/Wismar 1 BS-BO
  Kiel 1 BS-K
E astern A tlantic, EA France/Roscoff 1 EA-ROS
  France/La Rochelle 1 EA-LR
  Norway 1 EA-NO
  Iceland 6 EA-IS1,-6
W estern A tlantic, WA USA/Woods Hole 3 WA-WH4, 5, 6
R ed S ea, RS Open Sea 1 RS-1
  Israel/Eilat 1 RS-2
E astern P acific, EP Washington/Friday Harbor 5 EP-LAB1, -LAB2*
    EP-FH8, -1, -11
  Oregon/Newport 1 EP-P15
  California/Berkley 1 EP-P1
  California/Monterey 3 EP-PM16, -3, -1
  California/Bodega Bay 3 EP-BBH, -F, -J
M editerranean S ea, MS France/Perpignan 8 MS-PE1,-8
  France/Cannes 1 MS-CN
  Croatia/Mljet lakes 4 MS-MKL1,-4
BL ack Sea, BL Open Sea 2 BL-S1, -2
  Bosporus 2 BL-BO1, -2
I ndian O cean, IO Australia/Perth 5 IO-PE1,-5
I ndian O cean, IO Arabian Emirates-Dubai 6 IO-DUB1,-6
(Persian Gulf)    
W estern P acific, WP North-West-Pacific (Japan) 1 WP-LIMBATA**
  Japan/Northern coast 1 WP-JAPF
  Japan/Southern coast 3 WP-JAPT, -K, -1
Tropical *** unknown 1 MCA-1
Aquarium Berlin unknown 1 BERLIN