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Table 1 Locations/abbreviations, regions, coordinates, sample size and taxa used in this study

From: Genetic species identification and population structure of Halophila(Hydrocharitaceae) from the Western Pacific to the Eastern Indian Ocean

  Kind of analysis  
No. Location Coordinates (degree) Sample size Taxon ITS AFLP SSRs Citations GB number
1 HK-tc1 113.9249°E; 22.2889°N 6 H. ovalis X, Hap.1   X This study KF620337+
2 VN-vp1 109.3445°E; 12.1289°N 10 H. ovalis X   X [23] KC175909
3 VN-tt1 109.3222°E; 12.1278°N 10 H. ovalis X   X [23] KC175908
4 MY-sr1 115.4652°E; 04.9825°N 5 H. ovalis X, Hap. 2   X This study KF620338+
5 MY-tg1 118.6006°E; 04.3750°N 5 H. ovalis X, Hap. 3   X This study KF620339+
6 MY-mb1 118.6265°E; 04.2479°N 5 H. major* X, Hap. 4    This study KF620340+
7 MY-gs1 118.5458°E; 04.3161°N 5 H. major* X, Hap. 5    This study KF620341+
8 MY-sb1 118.6626°E; 04.5546°N 5 H. ovalis X, Hap. 6   X This study KF620342+
9 MY-bd1 118.7208°E; 04.6016°N 5 H. ovalis X, Hap. 7   X This study KF620343+
10 MY-mg1 118.6868°E; 04.6080°N 5 H. ovalis X, Hap. 8   X This study KF620344+
11 TH-kn1 099.8802°E; 09.2128°N 4 H. major*** X, Hap. 9 X X This study KF620345+
12 MY-jo1 103.1333°E; 01.3322°N 5 H. ovalis X, Hap. 10   X This study KF620346+
13 TH-sa2 099.7586°E; 06.7824°N 9 H. ovalis X, Hap. 11 X X This study KF620347+
14 TH-tr2         
  Site 1 099.3159°E; 07.3745°N 5 H. ovalis X, Hap. 12 X X This study KF620348+
  Site 2 099.3159°E; 07.3745°N 6 H. ovalis** X, Hap. 13 X X   KF620349+
  Site 3 099.3389°E; 07.3829°N 5 H. ovalis X, Hap. 14-15     KF620350-1+
15 MM-gy2 094.3393°E; 18.3650°N 7 H. major* X, Hap. 16    This study KF620352+
16 IN-ma2 079.9790°E; 12.2330°N 10 H. ovalis X, Hap. 17-18   X This study KF620354-5+
17 IN-ka2 077.5640°E; 08.1001°N 10 H. ovalis X, Hap. 19   X This study KF620353
     H. decipiens X    [23] KC175913
     H. minor X    [7] AF366405+
     H. minor X    [7] AF366406+
  1. There are 122 individuals collected from 17 populations in the Western Pacific and the Eastern Indian Ocean. X: genetic marker used for the populations. *, **, ***: First identification as H. ovalis, H. minor and H. major, respectively. Hap. 1–19: Haplotypes 1–19. Abbreviations as in Figure 1. 1Pacific Ocean, 2Indian Ocean. +Accession number for sequences deposited in GenBank.