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Table 1 Model comparison: protein-by-protein analysis

From: A mechanistic stress model of protein evolution accounts for site-specific evolutionary rates and their relationship with packing density and flexibility

Potential Model y x AIC <w( AIC)> N prot <R> <pR>
pfANM Stress ω MLmS 190508 0.97 206 -0.54 -0.33
  Flexibility ω MSF 198662 0.03 7 0.45 -0.06
ANM Stress ω MLmS 194154 0.98 209 -0.52 -0.39
  Flexibility ω MSF 207258 0.02 4 0.35 -0.04
  1. NOTE: Potential is the ENM potential, Model is either the Stress Model or Flexibility Model, y is in all cases the site-specific rate of evolution inferred using Rate4Site, x is the independent variable of each model. AIC is the Akaike Information Criterion summed over all proteins. <w(AIC)> is the average of the AIC weight for each compared model (same ENM). N prot is the number of proteins for which each compared model (same ENM) is the best one. <R> is average over proteins of Pearson’s correlation coefficient between variables y and x. <pR> is the average partial correlation coefficient when controlling for the x variable of the contrasting model (same ENM). All variables were z-score normalized for each protein before fitting.