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Table 1 Nucleotide substitution models selected for different data partitions using BIC

From: Multilocus coalescent analyses reveal the demographic history and speciation patterns of mouse lemur sister species

Species Locus Model
M. griseorufus mtDNA HKY
  alpha-enolase F81 + G
  alpha fibrinogen HKY + G
  von Willebrand factor HKY + G
M. murinus mtDNA HKY + I
  alpha-enolase HKY + I + G
  alpha fibrinogen HKY + I
  von Willebrand factor HKY + G
  alpha-enolase HKY + G
  alpha fibrinogen HKY + G
  von Willebrand factor HKY + I + G
  1. The first two blocks represent per locus models selected for extended Bayesian skyline plot analyses. ‘*BEAST’ represents a reduced data set encompassing both species and the outgroup (Cheirogaleus major).