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Table 1 Sources of sequences applied in this study

From: The evolution of paralogous enzymes MAT and MATX within the Euglenida and beyond

Taxon Protein MAT/MATX SSU
Euglena clara † supplement AJ532423.1*
Euglena stellata † supplement AF150936.1*
Euglena gracilis † supplement AY029409.1*
Euglena hiemalis † supplement DQ140157.1*
Euglena proxima † supplement EU624027.1*
Euglena viridis † supplement AJ532415.1*
Euglenaria anabaena † supplement AF242548.1*
Eutreptiella braarudii † supplement AJ532397.1*
Eutreptiella gymnastica ▲ KF383289 ▲ KF559331
Distigma sp. ▲ KF383287  
Eutreptia viridis † supplement AF157312.1*
Lepocinclis tripteris † supplement AF286210.1*
Lepocinclis playfairiana † supplement KF267871*
Monomorphina aenigmatica ▲ KF383291 AF283313.1*
Monomorphina parapyrum † supplement AF112874
Monomorphina pyrum ▲ KF383286 MAT
▲ KF383290 MATX
▲ KF559330
Phacus inflexus † supplement FJ719629.1*
Phacus orbicularis † supplement AF283315.1*
Pyramimonas parkeae ▲ KF383285  
Rapaza viridis ▲ KF383288 AB679269.1*
Trachelomonas ellipsoidalis † supplement DQ140135.1*
Trachelomonas sp. ▲ KF383292 AJ532447.1*
Trachelomonas volvocina † supplement AF096995.1*
Strombomonas accuminata † supplement EU624029.1*
  1. The sequences downloaded from GenBank are marked by *; sequences obtained by Sanger sequencing method in this study are marked by ▲, sequences obtained from transcriptome projects sequenced by Roche 454 sequencing were marked by † and are available in supplement.