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Table 1 Annotated function and chromosome information for molecular markers used in this study

From: Differential introgression among loci across a hybrid zone of the intermediate horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus affinis)

ID Description Chromosome Annotated function
Cytb Cytochrome b Mitochondrial Oxidative phosphorylation
Chd1 Chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 1 Autosome Chromatin binding
Sws1 The short-wavelength-sensitive opsin gene Autosome Cognition
H2a H2A histone family, member Y Autosome Chromatin binding
Thy Thyrotropin Autosome Hormone activity
Tg Thyroglobulin Autosome Hormone activity
Prestin Solute carrier family 26, member 5 Autosome Hearing
FoxP2 Forkhead box P2 Autosome Cognition
Kcnq4 The voltage-gated potassium channel subfamily KQT member 4 Autosome Hearing
Usp9x Ubiquitin specific protease 9 X X chromosome Alternative splicing
Pola1 Polymerase (DNA directed) alpha 1 X chromosome Chromatin binding
Cx22 X-chromosomal open reading frame 22 X chromosome Alternative splicing