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Table 1 Analysis of amatoxins and phallotoxins in representative Amanita species

From: Multi-locus phylogeny of lethal amanitas: Implications for species diversity and historical biogeography

Taxon Section Locality Voucher α-AMA β-AMA PHD
A. exitialis Phalloideae Guangdong, China HKAS38162 + + +
A. flavipes Validae Yunnan, China HKAS79689
A. manginiana Lepidella Yunnan, China HKAS56933
A. modesta Lepidella Guangdong, China HKAS75405
A. ocreata Phalloideae California, USA HKAS79686 + + +
A. pseudoporphyria Lepidella Yunnan, China HKAS56984
A. sp. Phalloideae Yunnan, China HKAS77321
A. sp. 6 Phalloideae Shaanxi, China HKAS77324 + +
A. sp. 7 Phalloideae Hainan, China HKAS77332 +
A. sp. 9 Phalloideae Fujian, China HKAS77323 +
A. sp. 10 Phalloideae Tasmania, Australia HKAS77322 +
A. sp. Amidella Jiangxi, China HKAS79690
A. virgineoides Lepidella Shandong, China HKAS79691
A. zangii Phalloideae Fujian, China HKAS77331
  1. α-AMA = α-amanitin; β-AMA = β-amanitin; PHD = phalloidin.
  2. – indicates no or extremely small quantities of toxins were detectable; + indicates that toxins were detected.