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Table 1 Table summarizing codon-based tests for positive selection

From: Evolution of MHC class I genes in the endangered loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) revealed by 454 amplicon sequencing

Likelihood models Statistical test P-value Estimate for ω >1 Proportion of sites ω >1 Codon sites ω >1
M1a vs M2a 18.212 0.00011 3.41529 0.20074 121,158,159
M7 vs M8 23.862 6.58E-06 3.02509 0.26839 121,158,159,161,163,164
M8a vs M8 15.922 3.30E-05    
  1. ω = (dN / dS) where dN represents the number of non synonymous substitutions and dS the number of synonymous substitutions. Numbers of codon sites refer to position in the reading frame.