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Table 1 Sample group details

From: MtDNA control region variation affirms diversity and deep sub-structure in populations from southern Africa

Group name Group code Main group Language grouping Place of sampling (Country) Place of origin if different from place of sampling N Traditional subsistence
Karoo Coloured COL Coloured Mixed Colesberg (SA)   77 Mixed
Cape Coloured CAC Coloured Mixed Wellington (SA)   20 Mixed
Northern Cape Coloured CNC Coloured Mixed Askham (SA)   40 Mixed
Karretjie people KAR Khoe-San Descendents of Tuu speakers Colesberg (SA)   30 Hunter-gatherer and Herder
≠Khomani KHO Khoe-San Descendents of Tuu speakers Askham (SA)   57 Hunter-gatherer and Herder
//Xegwi * XEG * Khoe-San* Descendents of Tuu speakers Chrissiesmeer (SA)   3 Hunter-gatherer
Duma San * DUM * Khoe-San* Descendents of Tuu speakers Underberg (SA)   1 Hunter-gatherer
Nama NAM Khoe-San Khoe (KhoeKhoe) Windhoek (NM)   28 Herder
/Gui, //Gana and Kgalagari GUG Khoe-San Khoe (Kalahari-Khoe) Kutse Game reserve (BT)   22 Hunter-gatherer
and Farmer
Naro * NAR * Khoe-San* Khoe (Kalahari-Khoe) Johannesburg (SA) Ghanzi (BT) 2 Hunter-gatherer
Ju/’hoansi JOH Khoe-San Ju Tsumkwe (NM)   42 Hunter-gatherer
!Xun XUN Khoe-San Ju Omega camp (NM) and Schmidtsdrift (SA) Menongue (AN) 49 Hunter-gatherer
Khwe KWE Khoe-San Khoe (Kalahari-Khoe) Omega camp (NM) and Schmidtsdrift (SA) Caprivi Strip (NM) 18 Hunter-gatherer
Manyanga DRC Bantu-speaker Bantu (central) Luozi (DRC)   14 Farmer
Herero HER Bantu-speaker Bantu (southwestern) Windhoek (NM)   15 Farmer and Herder
Sotho, Tswana SOT Bantu-speaker Bantu (southeastern) Various (SA)   22 Farmer
Swazi * SWZ * Bantu-speaker* Bantu (southeastern) Chrissiesmeer (SA)   5 Farmer
Zulu, Xhosa ZUX Bantu-speaker Bantu (southeastern) Various (SA)   36 Farmer
Afrikaner AFR Non-African Non-African Various (SA)   21 Mixed
European EUR Non-African Non-African Various (SA) Europe and Canada 11 Mixed
Indian IND Non-African Non-African Various (SA)   25 Mixed
Total       538 Mixed
  1. AN – Angola.
  2. BT – Botswana.
  3. DRC – Democratic Republic of Congo.
  4. NM – Namibia.
  5. SA – South Africa.
  6. * Small groups of individuals not included in group-wise analyses but included as individuals in network, tree and haplogroups assignments.