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Table 2 Comparison of models of sexual system evolution in Notostraca

From: High lability of sexual system over 250 million years of evolution in morphologically conservative tadpole shrimps

Model lnL q GA q AG p
Unrestricted −7.229 23.729 110.640 -
Equal rates −10.262 5.730 5.730 0.0138
AD to gonochorism only −16.855 0.000 6.673 < 0.0001
Gonochorism to AD only −12.0864 1.755 0.000 0.0018
  1. Models of transitions in sexual system across the best scoring ML estimation of Notostraca phylogeny compared using the ML implementation of BayesMultistate. lnL = log-likelihood of model, q GA  = transition rate from gonochorism to androdioecy, q AG  = transition rate from androdioecy to gonochorism, p = p-value for D with 1 degree of freedom comparing the restricted models to the unrestricted model.