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Table 3 Summary of gene translation studies for perA gene

From: Phylogenomics of fescue grass-derived fungal endophytes based on selected nuclear genes and the mitochondrial gene complement

Endophyte taxon Predicted functional gene copies Results of gene translation relation to proposed progenitor origin
N. coenophialum 2 (3) E. f (F), E. t (F), FGC1 (NF)
FaTG-2 1 (2) E. f (F), FGC1 (NF)
FaTG-3 1 (2) E. t (F), FGC1 (NF)
FaTG-3-like 1 (2) E. t (F), FGC1 (NF)
UNS 0 (2) E. f (NF), FGC1 (NF)
N. uncinatum 1 (2) E. t (F), (NF)
  1. Note: Total number of gene copies identified for each taxon is given in brackets next to the number of proposed functional gene copies. E.f = E. festucae, E. t = E. typhina, FGC1 = Fescue gene copy 1, E. br = E. bromicola, F = predicted functional gene, NF = predicted non-functional gene.