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Table 1 Results for the analysis of telomere associated genes using modelA

From: Molecular adaptation of telomere associated genes in mammals

ModelA Human Myotis lucifugus(Microbat) Naked mole rat
Positive selection predicted (ω > 1) MRE11A, ERCC1+ ANKHD1, RBL1+, TNKS+, DKC1, NBN+, EXO1+, BRCA2, BRIP1, SUV39H1+, TERT+ ANKRD17, ABL1+, FANCE, MSH3, FANCA, SLX4, BRCA1+, FANCL, XRCC5
Lineage-specific positive selection | families tested 2 | 52 10 | 45 9 | 43
  1. The results summarized here are only those that were significant following LRT analyses of modelA versus m1Neutral model, and modelAnull for human, naked mole rat and M. lucifugus. The names of the genes identified in each species as having undergone positive selection are given (where +denotes Ds saturation present in alignment). The number of gene families identified as under positive selection in each species is represented along with the total number of families tested for that species.