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Table 2 Divergence time estimates among the An. cruzii populations obtained by IM (based on the average of HiSmth values) and also by the average Da values from the six loci (based on the whole sequence)

From: Evidence for the occurrence of two sympatric sibling species within the Anopheles (Kerteszia) cruziicomplex in southeast Brazil and the detection of asymmetric introgression between them using a multilocus analysis

Populations IM Da
Florianópolis x Itatiaia (A and B) 0.75 Mya 0.51 Mya
Florianópolis x Itatiaia A 0.70 Mya 0.59 Mya
Florianópolis x Itatiaia B 0.80 Mya 0.52 Mya
Itatiaia A x Itatiaia B - 0.19 Mya
  1. Since the time parameter did not show good convergence in the IM runs between Itatiaia A and Itatiaia B, this divergence time was estimated using only the Da values.