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Table 1 Date priors for colonisation hypotheses

From: Delayed colonisation of Acacia by thrips and the timing of host-conservatism and behavioural specialisation

  Acacia MRCA Parallel split Explanation
H14 14.0 5.6 Acacia thrips MRCA after Acacia MRCA.
H20 20.0 5.6 Acacia thrips MRCA coincidental with Acacia MRCA.
H25 25.0 5.6 Acacia thrips MRCA before Acacia MRCA.
H50 50.0 5.6 Acacia thrips MRCA long before Acacia MRCA.
  1. Date priors for the common ancestor of Acacia thrips and a parallel divergence event used to calibrate the thrips phylogeny. Path and stepping-stone sampling were used to estimate marginal likelihoods of each the divergence timing model for Bayes factor tests. A split in the thrips and Acacia phylogenies was treated as fixed [89].