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Table 1 Parameter values

From: Behavioural manipulation of insect hosts by Baculoviridaeas a process of niche construction

Parameter Meaning
β L Transmission between susceptibles and liquefied cadavers.
β C Transmission between susceptibles and intact cadavers.
μ Baseline death rate for susceptible and exposed
  (but asymptomatic) hosts.
ν Rate of conversion from exposed to intact cadaver states.
δ Clearance rate for intact and liquefied cadavers.
  Includes predation and cannibalism that does not transmit
λ Rate of conversion of intact to liquefied cadavers.
τ Rate at which virus shed from liquefied cadavers enters
  the reservoir.
θ Rate of virus shedding into the reservoir from intact
ε Clearance rate of virions from the reservoir by
  environmental factors (UV degradation, wind, rain, etc).