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Table 5 Amino acid substitution and their predicted effect on function for the eight cichlid dlx loci

From: Sequence analyses of the distal-less homeoboxgene family in East African cichlid fishes reveal signatures of positive selection

Locus L S E
dlx1a 144 1 Tolerated
dlx2a 255 13 Tolerated
dlx3a 222 16 Tolerated
dlx3b 160 4 Tolerated
dlx4a 96 1 Tolerated
dlx4b 167 10 Tolerated
dlx5a 271 0 -
dlx6a 236 2 Tolerated
  1. Length of obtained protein sequence (L), the number of amino acid substitutions (S) and the predicted effect of the substitutions on the function generated by the SIFT analyses (E) are shown.