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Table 1 Description of the 90 microarray CEL files used (accession number GEO NCBI database GSE33779 )

From: Suboptimal evolutionary novel environments promote singular altered gravity responses of transcriptome during Drosophilametamorphosis

Simulation facility Temperature constraints (ΔT) Oxygen (↓O2) constraints g level Name of CEL file replicates
RPM (From early to late pupae just before imagoes hatching) No No (open) Sim μg^ 80A 80B 80C
1g 81A 81B 81C
Yes No (open) Sim μg^ 70A 70B 70C
1g 71A 71B 71C
Yes Yes (close) Sim μg^ 70E 70F 70G 70H
1g 71E 71F 71G 71H
Magnetic levitator (From early to late pupae just before imagoes hatching) No Yes (close) 0g* 60A 60B 60C
1g* 61A 61B 61C
2g* 62A 62B 62C
1g 6cA 6cB 6cC
1g (open) 6oA 6oB 6oC
Yes Yes (close) 0g* 50A 50B 50C
1g* 51A 51B 51C
2g* 52A 52B 52C
1g 5cA 5cB 5cC
1g (open) 5oA 5oB 5oC
Hypergravity centrifuge (6g/12g) (From early to late pupae just before imagoes hatching) No No (open) 12g^ Q4A Q4B ---
6g^ --- Q3H# Q3I#
1g^ Q0A Q0H# Q0I#
1g Q1A Q1H# Q1I#
Yes No (open) 12g^ R4A R4B R4C
6g^ --- R3H# R3I#
1g^ R0A R0H# R0I#
1g R1A R1H# R1I#
No Yes (close) 12g^ Q9A# Q9B# Q9C#
6g^ --- Q8H# Q8I#
1g Q6A Q6B Q6C
Yes Yes (close) 12g^ --- Q9E# Q9F#
6g^ --- R8H# R8I#
1g^ RCA RCB ---
1g R6A R6B ---
  1. Comparison experiments were performed using different environmental constraints in three devices. ΔT constraints mean 3.5 days of cold step (12°C) then 4 days at 22°C following the GENE experiment temperature profile [1]. ↓O2 means oxygen amount limited by the container (closed). * indicates the presence of a high magnetic field; ^ indicates the presence of mechanical/rotational disturbances; # indicates that replicates have been performed in a parallel second experiment with the same design. The name assigned to any of CEL file replicates is provided for clarity when revisiting the dataset.