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Table 2 Positional overlapping/non-overlapping patterns of orthologs of A. aegypti gene pairs in 7 other insect species were compared with species phylogeny

From: Overlapping genes of Aedes aegypti: evolutionary implications from comparison with orthologs of Anopheles gambiae and other insects

Orthologs of gene pairs Model dependent Model independent Log likelihood difference p-value
AAEL00241/ AAEL000233 −6.28154 −6.74766 0.466125 0.976714
AAEL006054/ AAEL006056 −3.32599 −3.49681 0.170826 0.996554
AAEL008942/ AAEL008940 −2.9433 −3.10494 0.161641 0.996905
AAEL009614/ AAEL009615 −1.81547 −2.35038 0.534903 0.970015
  1. The likelihoods of test and null models (dependence or independence models, respectively) and the p-values of log likelihood ratio tests are shown.